The Missing Mitten Mystery Story | Winter Circle Story Book Reading together with Preschool Kids |

hello it’s miss julie from miss julie’svirtual preschooland crafts and i’m here to share a funwinter story with you todaythe story i chose is the missingmitten mystery look at the coveryep all right let’s see what happenswith the mittenoh right away they’re out in the snowsee the child and the dogoscar i’ve lost another mittenthat makes five mittens this winteri am in big troubleoh no has that ever happened to youlet’s search every place we played todaywe’ll start at the hillwhere we rode on ralph’s sledhere’s ross boot but there’s no mittena look around the castles we built withralphand herbie and ruth that was funhere’s ralph’s other boat on ruth’s rockand serbia’s sweater but no mittenwhat do you think he’s gonna find themwritten atoscar you found it well a flyingmitten do you think that’s really amittentwo mittens flyoh it’s only a little bird i wonder ifhe stole my mittento make a snuggly nest no he’s too smallto carry off a mittenbut an eagle could do itbaby an eagle took him in to keep hisbaby’s head warmdo you think my mitten got tired ofbeing admitted maybe just slipped off myhand and hopped awaythere are no mutant tracks but here aresome mouse tracks heading towards thewood pilecould that mouse be using my mittenforce sleeping bagor maybe he’ll wear it next halloween beamummy let’s go see if i dropped mymitten while we were making snowmen tosurprise missselter i haven’t seen you writtenannie but why don’t you look on thegarden you were making snow angelsthat was nice they gave her an ideaplace to lookfinding mittens is hard work it would beeasier to grownew ones let’s try planting the othermitten right here in the gardennext spring when the snow melts a littlemint tree might sproutseltzer i would take a good care of itall summer longyou think you can grow a written treeno you cannotin the fall we pick the ripe mittenshow about thatthen i give mittens on christmasshe’s got a whole story about themittensand mittens on birthdays and uh mittenson valentine’s dayoscar it’s getting dark and it’sstarting to rain we’ll never find thatmittencome inside annie i made some hotchocolate for us i’ve got a biscuit foroscarlook the rain melted the snowman butwhat’s that spot on his chestgracious your snowman has a heartmy mitten is this heart of the snowmanoh that was a nice story about themissing mitteni hope you enjoyed this one if you wantto add it to your collection you canclick the link belowand also go check all my other videos ofcrafts and stories i made for youhope to see you next time

The Biggest Best Snowman | Preschool Circle Story Time with Ms Julie and Kids | Lets Read together!

hello it’s missjulie from miss dooley’s virtualpreschool and kraftand i’m here to share fun winter storywith you todaythe story i chose is called the biggestbest snowmanwow look at that front cover look howlarge that snowman lookscan you see the little girl wowokay let’s see the story about thesnowmanlittle now live with bigmama big sarah big lizzy in a big housein a big snowy woodsthere we gobig mama big sarah big lizzy bigblustery voices they had big pockyfriends they had big loud partieswhen little now asks can i help big mamabeat sarah and be lizzyshook your heads no you can’t they saidyou are toosmall yes i can said little nelland no i am not no you can’t they saidand yes you are ohno look at thatthe little know will go into the bigsnowy woodsshe would sit and watch the snow fallfrom the skyshe would walk under the bear branchtrees she would play with her friendsreindeer hair and bear cuplook at that such a pretty pictureone day bear cub said to little mel canyou show ushow to make a snowman no i can’t solittle nowi am too small yes you can to theanimals andno you’re not but i am so small sothey’ll know my family won’t let medo anything i could never make a snowmanhow do you know unless you try said bearcobbwe will help you little null side wellmaybe she saidlook at that y’all look like friendssitting around togetherlittle mal got down on her knees shesoftlyadded and matted and added snow into atiny ballshe rolled it and rolled it and rolledit and rolled itto reindeer and raided and nudged it andnudged itand nudged it to hairyou see them they’re taking turnsand hair kicked it and kicked it andkicked it the bear cupand bear cover rolled it and rolled ituntil it stoppedthud by the edge of the big icy pondnow what s reindeer sonoma needs amiddle said little nowhow do we do that little nail bit herlips she got down on her knees shecarefullypatted and matted and added another tinysnowballshe rolled it and rolled it and rolledit to reindeer and reindeer nudged itand nudged it to hairand hair kicked it and kicked it to bearcup bear cub rolled it and rolled ituntil fudhe came to stop he pushed her to the topof the other snowballnow he askedit needs a head quad little now shepaddedand batted another tiny snowball and sherolled it to reindeerringer nudged it to hair hair kicked itto bear cubbear cup stuck it on top of the othertwo snowballslittle nelson and the animals stood backand looked at their snowmensomething is missing said hair the facesaid little nowhow do we do that i think if we needhelp a little nowshe whistled for the birds to come crowand cardinal and sparrow flew down fromthe treescan you make a face for our snowman sheasked curl fetch two pieces of bark forthe eyescardinal found an old pink sock for hernose and sparrow brought raisins forthem outnell handed her the green scarf to thebird they wound it aroundand around snowman’s neck then theyadded two sticks for armsthe snowman was finally finished littleknown animals gazed up at the creationwow the animals wow said nowit was almost lunch time little now saidgoodbye to her friendsshe knew she’d walk home through the bigsnowy woodsbig mama big sarah big lizzy we’rewaiting for her where have you beenasked in their big blow story voices iwas building a great big snowmananswered little nowhow could someone as little as you builda big snowman big lizziecome and see so little nowthe big mama big sarah and big lizzyfollow thing now through the snowy woodsto the snowmanlook at that that’s nice they went to gosee the snowmanas they looked their mouths dropped openand their arms dropped to the sideswow you built that yes i did and nowwith the help of my friends that’s thebiggest best snowman that ever was thisbig mamayes it is a little now huge smile on herfacewill you come help us make a big yummylunch as big sarahno she can’t say that lizzy she’s stilltoo small yes i can do little nowand no i’m not yes you can it’s a bigmama and yes youwillbig mama gave little nelly big sloppykiss smooch and big stargate little nobig squeezeand big lizzy stuck her big nose up inthe airlittle nell’s friends lifted her up tothe top of the snowmanhooraythat was a nice book i hoped you enjoyedit about the biggest best snowman everif you’d like to add this one to yourcollection you can click the link belowalso you can check out my other storiesand craft videoshope to see you again the next timethank you.

Preschool Kids Circle Craft “Handprint Penguin” | Winter Art Crafts together with Ms Julie and Class

it’s missjulie from miss julie’s virtualpreschool and craftsand i am here today to do a fun wintercraftwith you all right i will show you thesupplies you needand hopefully you can make the craftalong with me you’re going to be makinga handprint penguinoh yes they’re so cute so i will showyou the supplies that you’re gonna needto make your penguinall right so you’re gonna need a pieceof black paperokay this is the body of the penguinit’s gonna be blackyou’re going to need[Music]a piece of whitepaper for a little bit of the penguin’sbellythen you’re going to need another coloryou can glue your penguin on too so ichose light bluethat can be the background for thepenguin where he’s in the snowso i chose a light blue now we are goingto be doing some scissorscutting today so you will need somesafety scissors and make sure an adultknows if you’re using your scissorsand you’re going to need your gluei have my glue stick to glue down mypenguin to the paperand then you’re going to need somethingto write with a crayon a white crayonwould be good orpencil because you’re going to use yourhand printto make the penguins all rightso the first thing you need to do iscreate a penguinwe’re going to make our penguin sotake your black piece of paper you’regoing to put your hand downand you’re going to take your crayon ormarker or pencil you’re going to traceyour hand print and then we are going tocut it outso you don’t really need the whole paperbut just enough to fit your hand onokay i will hold mine up and show youhere is my handprintokay nowwhat we’re going to do is cut that outi’m gonna cut that outall right i’m cutting the handprint outall the lines you made take your timenow where do you guys think penguinslivewhat was the weather supposed to be likewhere the penguins livedo they like sunshine and the beach dothey like to live near the sandand the palm trees nothey don’t they like the cold in thesnowso that’s why i chose this as a nicewinterproduct for todayso when we put our penguin down on ourpaper we are going to put it down on theother color and i’m going to pretendhe’s in this snow and iceokaymy hand is all cut out let me see howyours looksthere’s my handprint what we’re going todo is we’re going to turn itaround upside down okay these are nowgoing to be the fingersthe feet and the hands of the penguin sothat’s how our penguin’s going to looknow we have to make him a little bodywe are going to take our white paperwe’re going to draw a circle on ourwhite paper and cut it outi have a marker crayon and we’re goingto cut circleout however size you want it can besmall it can be bigall right i did a circle and i’m goingtotake my scissors again and i’m going tocut it outknow you’re not even using your wholethe whole piece of paper so even if youhave a scrapof paper you don’t you can still makethis craftso i’m following the dot the lines imadeto make a circle belly for the penguinthis is the belly i made for my penguinall right now you’re going to take yourglue and we’re going to glue the circleontothe black penguin bodyokay nowwe should draw some eyes on our penguincan you take your crayon or markerand put some little eyes on him so he’slooking at ushe’s gonna be so cuteand i’m gonna just put a little dot inthe middle of the eyesto give him an eyeballall right nowif you have an orange crayonyou can draw a beak on your penguinthat way you don’t need any othercolored paper you can use yourorange crayon and you can drawa beak on your penguinand your b can be any way you want to bea triangleall right there’s what my penguin lookslike he’scute now we’re going to take ourpiece of blue paper this is thebackgroundthis is the snow and ice and we aregoing to glue our penguin down onto thepaperhe wants to be in the snow and ice hedoesn’t want to be in the sunshine hewants to be where it’s cold helikes that temperature i’m just gonnaput blue on the backof my penguin and i’m gonna put him downonto my paperand then i’m gonna add some detailsevery piece picture is going to look alittle differentand they’re all going to be nice sohere’s my penguin on the papernow i’m going to add some snow andsnowflakes because he likes thatso i’m going to put some snow[Music]i’m gonna drawthere’s some snow by himand then if you know how to drawsnowflakesthe snow can be falling from the skyand your penguin will like thatokay so snowflakes would be just likelittle x’sthing i’m doing that little snowflakesfalling from thisguythere we go he’s a nice penguin in thesnowright friends i hope you enjoyed thiscraft today and you can check out myother videos of crafts and stories thati’ve read from missjulie’s virtual preschool and crafts seeyou again next time

Preschool Circle Story Time “This Place in the Snow” | Reading skills with Ms Julie and her class

helloit’s miss julie from miss julie’svirtual preschool and craftsand i’m here today to share a fun winterstory with youi hope you enjoy itall right the title of the story i choseis thisplace in the snowlook at the cover it’s beautifulall right let’s see what they do in thesnowa silent snow fell all night long[Applause]it lay like lace along the treesit had the houses it capsuled the carsa lumbering plow came rumbling andrattling pushing up hillsides ofmountains of snowrolling and rounding it mounting it highin creamy waves of whitenow rooms asleep once awakened andquietly turned noisynoisy turned loud with strings of criesand streaks and shoutsthe plow the plow the flowi think they’re excitedand now came the flurry of dressing inwoolens and there was aherring of eating hot cakes oh they’reso excitedthey’re getting readyand there was the rush as they steppedoutside and watchedthe work of the plow oh look there’s aplow and they’re watchingthe plow pushed the snowat last with a wave their snowman wasreadylike spraying things from they raced tothe topand they looked way down at them at whatthis might bethis place they would make in the snowthey’re so excited look at the hillsand then came us talking and planningabout it like this someone said or maybelike thatand we could and we should let’s do thatthey brightly and briefly agreed look atthateven the dogs out there with themso now they began they tunneled theyhallowedthey hollowed large holeslook at that what are they making[Music]they shovel great shovels with bigspoonfuls of whitesun snow like lemon shade snow whitebluelook at thatthen using their arms they built up snowhallwaysand using their feet they trampled snowfloorsand using their might they rolled androlled and rounded they mounted up thesnow’sspiral sky high look at all the hardworkto move the snowand after they finished their shapingand carving and shined all things shinyand carefully swepttogether they felt it just themand all thisthey were kings in a kingdom uncoveredand how much later they went insideand took off their wet snow suits andsat with hot soupthat buzzy white knight they came outagain to the sound in the town of theplowyou see them at the windowand they looked up in the sky just abovethem and they looked down to the groundjust below and they looked all aroundthem at what they could seethis place full of grace in the snowhow beautiful i love their place in thesnowand if you want to add this book to yourcollection you can click the link belowand i hope you tune in next time for astory or crap from miss julie’s virtualpreschooland crafts thank youEnglish (auto-generated)

Zoom Preschool Jan 12th STEM Class Writing Skills the letter “N” words | upper and lowercase N

open thisup there’s charlesthere’s a littleoh what are you doing pearls you takingthe wrapper off your crayontwo of them with no wrappers now whatare you doingnothing nothing oh you know what that’scloggingjust coloring oh that’s goodhere’s ayat and here’s andrea hihello good morningwhat am i what am i saying that’scute it’s a unicorni love it you have your tree up stillbehindsomeone’s coming upandrea you still have your tree upbehind youi can see it in the cornerhow about that that’s nicei have i have another tree next tonext to my back balconyoh how niceall right here’s ayat i don’t hear heryet thoughthere’s aya okayone two three four yepwe need good morningemma uh emma’s not here on when ontuesdayuh macy and annelise emma only comemonday and wednesdaymissy and natalie’s will be herehow’s your computer doing today i uh ican see youcan you hear methe connection seems a little bit it’s averyfun house oh excitingall right let’s wait one more minute formacy and adeliesandthere we go maybe we shouldi just dropped my little thing i wasgonna show you guysthat’s for the snowflake good jobit was a piece of yarn this oneand the snowflakei don’t have yeah the bag okay sothere’s we’re gonna do painting todaybut if you don’t have paintif you don’tyou could use watercolor paint[Music]whatever kind of paint you want to useto decorate your snowflake today youcould use this kind of thingor you could use watercolor painti have watercolor oh good it’ll lookbeautiful i don’t know where macy andelise are let me see if i can send thema message because i don’t want them tomisstoday i’ll use all of themyou’re going to use all of them okay youlook fancyokaywhat are you looking for charlesone minute i’m making sure macy andnatalie’s aren’t comingi’m right here yes look at meoh don’t lose that you need that so youcan hang up here we gohere’s adelies andbattle denise[Music]well all righti just moved in you know um i just wanttodo something and do my tour victorianlooks a little bit differenti see that because behind you you don’thave to drownbehind you you have an art kizzle and ashelfdid you move your dress-up stuffnope it’s right by me oh okay you’rejust in a different viewdid you move your tableyou don’t um andrea you don’t need thebag if you’re not going to use squishypaint if you’re going to use watercoloryou don’t need to ohelise was just doing her makeup thereall right i’ll hold up the stuff for theprojectand then we will put them aside allright so today we’re making a prettysnowflakeumi love the color paper i got some milkyours match so at least this is oursnowflake yours and mymatch and we’re gonna paint snowflaketoday soso usually they’re white but this isjust for fun to make them look beautifulso whatever pink you have if you havepaint like this where it squishes andyou use a paint brush you can use thattodayif you don’t have this kind that’s fineyou can use water paintwhere you have to dip your paint brushin the water like thisyou you do that doesn’t play if you usequeens yes if you don’t have your paintyou can color it make it look beautifultoo i like that idea toookay that’s how we’re doing our projecttoday everybody put their stuff to thesidei’m cracking mine okay oh yeah punch itout of the paperyes yeah punch it up i can see youthrough the snowflakeall rightit’s okay all right we’re gonna startis everybody ready i don’t know where tolet me see thatwhere is mickey mousewhere’s macy this morning[Music][Music]there is a friend who’s here today andchucklesis his name-o h-a-r-l-e-sc-h-a-r-l-e e-h-a-r-l-e-s and charlesis here today thanks for youandrea is here todayhere todayherei today know where macy’s at but if shepops in we’ll sing for heruh you do not need scissors can youplease put your scissors to the side wedo not need scissorsyou already popped your snowflake out ofthe paper i saw your cute little facewe don’t need scissors all right weare in januaryokay we are in january andthe weather by me and by some people iscoldso i don’t know this is the number fortodayon the yellow rectangle[Music]hold on andrea had her hand up umyes the one and the two make 12 on thiscard12. so i’m gonna put it up on thecalendarafter 11 11 and 12.this is how many days yes we are alreadyat 12what should we do 12 timesdo we stick out our tongue 12 times wehaven’t done that before that’s sillyokay oh we’re missing our silly friendcharlescharles are you looking for something ohhe went and got his journalawesome charles okay put it down we’llyou can show it to me a minutewe’re gonna do thisi have to cut it get ready for you okayyes what are you trying to tell mesnowflake your mom can cut the snowflakeon the outside for youso you’re ready mom you gotta cut thissnowflakeoutside you can your mom doesn’t have toyou can do it at annalise but my mom isusing bigschedules okay big scissors all rightawesome all rightnobody okay i’m gonna we’re gonna claplet’s do clapping 12 timesone two[Applause]good job good job all righti don’t want it to laugh okayuh yesterday we started a new letterletteryou were holding up the paper whatletter did we startand and what is the boy pointing to onthe cardwhoa here’s what[Music]andreaokay everybodywanted to take your finger put it up inthe mirrorput your finger on your head put yourfinger on your noseput your finger on your neck all rightyou’re listening okay we’re going todraw the capital nthe big end in the air with our fingerit’s the easy one to dostraight line down line at an angleline up see straight line downline on an angle line up nand little n lowercase n is just alittle tunnellike a little bubble you could draw youcould drive your race carthrough the little n panel how aboutthatcan anyone show me a paper you have acharles headed letter and papercharles show me your letter ends you didon that paper hold it up show yourfriends i’mi’m very proud of your work look at thathe was doing them all by himselflowercase and capital does anyone have apaper in front of them they want topractice a few of their ends for mei want to say charles did awesomeyou want to practice inokay i want to see your end practicewhere’s my whiteboard i’m going to usemy whiteboardi’m going to use my blue markeroh yeah are you gonna do it on thatboard over there that would be nicecapital and lower case hold it up verygood that’s the capitaloh how about you how much you take adeep breath in a drink of water charlesyou look okay all righti have a question when would you use abign when would you write a big ndoes anyone know the answer when wouldyou write the bignfor somebody’s everybody say namename if we had a friend namednancy or noah or nevaehtheir name would start with big nbut neck and nosestart with small and so i’m going toshow youhow manyvery good okay i’m holding up some nwords on the cards that i wroteand look i used a small nthat’s use a small end see because it’snot somebody’s name this is the bodypartlet me see andrea you’re doing hard workvery good look at her letters guys sheconcentratedthey are small they’re all around thesame size see mycard has a line on it the lowercaseletters sayalong the bottom and when you make a bigletter goes all the way to the topright i’m gonna show you another wordthis word is new i am wearing anew sweater today newdoes anyone have a new toyyes this is a tsunami toy yeaha new toy you got a new llama that’s socutellamacan you write this wordoh that’s fun oh yeah can you write thisn-e-w andrea’s doing a great jobcharles can you write n-e-w on yourpaperit’s a small writing on my end paperawesome i like that idea you’re tryingwell you are you’re concentrating hardtodayokay that’s fine that worksnew okay how about thisi got a new toylet’s try a small word this one saysnicewe are all nice to each otherand look those letters are easy to writei is just a little line with a dotc is half a circlen-i-c-e awesome annalise okay iuh show me your word show me yourwritingotherwise[Music]you wrote it awesome andrea you’re doinggreatand you guys don’t even have legs onyour paper oh[Music]those are kind of easy levels too youalready knowsomebody just dinged at least youalready wrote theno partdo you need to drink water charles orare you concentratingmiss julie yeah do i need to cook thisnookay no no don’t break it mine’s gonnalook likeat least i i’m gonna look at the outsideof my nostril i’m not gonna cut themiddleokay nose very good cn o s e with a lowercase nandrea you are great at writingone more friend one more wordcst nest our project yesterday we made abird’s nestnext now what’s nexteverything from friends yeahn-e-s-t nest wowi think charles left pleaseoh your sister is in her class okay soi’m gonna show you what’s in my letter nbag friendswe’re done with our practice right thatwasn’t happeningoh yeah great work great work okay atleast we’re not ready to do that yeta couple more minutes then we’ll do thesnowflake okay friends i’m going to showyou what’s in my lettervery good andrea okay we’re done withour writing for nowumokay here’s my letter and baglet’s see what i have in here new andbadi put a letter n on the front of my bagand there’s some pictures there’s somepictures in here that start with thelettern all right first one i pull out isthe word we just wrote nestnest see the nestusually the nest is in a treeand they put their eggs in the nestbirdsyes okaywhat else we do we do thathis name ninja starts with the letter nyeah before ninja i wouldn’t want to goin front of him he’s got a big swordhe is a nice ninja nice ninja you wannahit people oh who is thislady this could be a lady or a man andwork at thehospital doctor oh that’s a doctorwell the word is nurse nursesee those letters on the bottom nursen-u-r-s-ethey work at the doctor’s or thehospital with thedoctors and nurses usuallythey’re the ones that take yourtemperature or give you a shotgive yourself you can give them medicineyeah there you gothey are important and they help dramaat the endhere is a snack i wonder how many of youguys eat thesethis is the phone todaynot this again have you ever eatenpeanuts walnuts these are actuallywalnuts in this paperpeanuts walnuts cashews pistachiosnuts nuts could be healthy for youyeah it could be a good snack it couldgive you energyyou could take nuts with you if you gohiking if you want a hiking trailtake some nuts with you i have to get awaterfalldo you know what these are that’s right[Music]now oh my goshright below it nails it with a hammerhas anyone ever used tools beforeby the tool a hammer my deckmy god[Music]i like that that’s a good thought yesyou use your hammer to pound the nailsokayone more who’s this this is an animalmommy unicorn we don’t have any waterthe one i neededh[Music]don’t worry i didn’t hold up these guysfor a while eithernar wall and this is my daughter’slittle plushy narwhalnarwhal all right those are our lettern pictures that i have in my bag i wasgoing around looking for stuffand as a difficult letter friend it’shard to find stuffbut at least we have two body parts noseandnails nails everybody has finger nailsi have finger nails i wish we put somenail polishoh fancy i have some i usually never doitand it comes off and i’m gonna put thatblue pink and purple okay listeni want everyone to make me a promisebecause i gave you guyssome papers now i didn’t tell your momsyou had to print them but if you want toat another time you canwe need to start someone mutedyeah because he’s talking to his momokayum mediums are learning the big lettercapitaland the lowercase you guys are smart soi have some mittenswith letters on them and we have torecognizesee here’s b and isent these to you guys so your moms anddads can print these out for you for thepracticeso b and we need to find the lowercase bso we need to knowdon’t worry not for today you canpractice on your own i’m going to showyou a couple lettersso we can work on our capital and smallletterso look b and is this the lowercase bso i sent you all the abcs and themittens and you’re gonnabe able to make a match you play thegame together so you can recognizethe match okay let’s do another onethere’s another onehere’s capital f do you know which oneis lowerdo this one do you know which one is thelower k so f oh at least got a paperokay look is this f smallno is this smallayat shaking her head charles this isletter ethis is letter e small e and this isthere we go capital f and lowercase halfdo you see ita we need capital a and lowercasea you know what lower case sayinglowercase a uhum here’s lowercase ait’s a circle with a little line on theside yeah what ewhat does capital a look likemy one i just went what’s the capital amy age isthis is the big a you use at thebeginning and this is the a you usein your name it’s lowercaseyes you do andrea that’s great you startwith the big oneand you have the small one at the endvery goodhere we go d for dinosaurwe’re only gonna do two more guys d fordinosaur and this is the dfor small d big dthey are a man if your name isdonald donald duck you use big di kind of do i kind of use mydo like that but this small one my nameis like thatyes you have a lowercase d in your nameoh yeah this one’s for you oh yeah whatletter is thisvery good this is g i’m gonna hold uplowercaseg oh i don’t have a square in my screenlowercase t okay is this lowercase ghigh yetno no what letter is thishold on i have to very good so i gottafind lowercase glet’s find the match there it is rightthis is capital g and this is lowercaseg they are a matchif your name is gary orgwen g or dancingif you like gum you do smallg g-u-m small g your namewith a big g uh oh we lost charles thescreenhe’s a musician he’s mule but we losthis face too i can’t even see himalright i got one great jobno you’re fine charles capital edo you know what the small e looks likecharles you have an e in your namecharlesthis is a good one for you this is smalle small e lowercase e isyour name and this is the big e thematchand they are matched look at all thoseletters you’re writing i love it atleastokay guys so we’ll go up to all theletters in the alphabetand we’ll make their match but we needto start recognizing the small letterand the big one the capital and thelower caseyou guys you guys are doing great jobyou’re getting look at all thatmiss julian name my name yeah i’m onthereokay good okayyou guys have been concentrating so muchlet’s do our snowflake paintingokay let’s do our snowflake craft i’mgonnarip it off rip it yeah poke it out ofthe paperohyou did awesome job charles you did morethan the pastawesome where’s my paintbrushwatercolors i’m going to use mywatercolorsif you don’t have paints you can colorit that’s fineremember my snowflake looks differentthan yours it’s okaywhy didn’t that look a little differentyou be careful with your teeth yeahi’m gonna use blue because i like thebluebreak minethat’s finei’m[Music]isare you painting are you coloring i’mfakingoh good i did some colors like frozenlook at mine mine reminds me of themovie frozen with the blue and thepurpleof course i also love sparkly and blueand anna likes purple and blueyou can do whatever you want it’s yoursnowflake it looksi love it everyone’s just gonna look sobeautifuloh i love mine i love how mine’s turningnowokay that’ll look nicei will be like nice i’m gonna doi have a light blue on my water painttoo i’m gonna turn itlightly oh girls is back charles did youhave to go find paintare you still writing oh the water isturning bluethe water turns blue oh because you dipyour brush in thereyeah oh and elise is using a marbleand at least he’s using a marker i loveitthese are gonna look so beautifulthere’s minethere’s mice and a halfyou can and when it dries you can hangit uphow’s it here is everybody’s coming isit looking good yeahyeah they’re already making ithey without we’re just doing oursnowflake getting that up from yourtable so we just started ahi’m not doing mine i forgot to do mineyou want to do it right now go ahead andstartyou have your snowflake in front of youi need some pinksor markers using markers you can justuse fansmarkers i know it looks so prettyi love it only if the snowflakesonly if the snowflakes would really snowlike this wouldn’t itit’d be pretty that’s good to pretendreminds me of frozen i’m gonna pointthis out let’s put this one on thebottomah if you’re frozenmy snowflake is my snowflake islittle it’s little no yours mancharles your snowflake matches umyour friends you’re good my snowflake’sdifferent because ipassed them all outmy matches were closed mine yeah yoursmatches me at leastokay friends you guys are doing awesomecan anyone show me theirs do you wanna[Music]anyonewelcome my snowflake beautifulkeep it oh yours is kind of okay put itflat on your table so it can dry i don’twant you to rip itcharlie’s got more letters going onawesome charlesyou’re doing a lot of writing today goodpracticethat is if you want to hang it up youcan tape it on the snowflakeand hang it up you can hang it on yourdoorknobstick it on your refrigerator the stringis to hang it up once it’s dry afteryou’re donedesigning it you want to hang it up onyour windowand i need purple beautifulso you could tape the string on orstaple it on ask for helpdetach the string and then you can hangit up wherever youi think mine would look beautiful on mywindowthey could pretend like it’s snowingfrom the skymaybe mine’s wetover there mine’s not wet mine’s nevergonna be wet because i’m not gonna painti’m just coloringokay well that’ll be nice it’ll lookgreatokay friend you guys did super coolletters today yesoh thank you charles what do you needour arsenalarsenal snowflake craftis gonna be the thing awesome becausei’m coloring thissame as you are grease i useblue purple and blue purple and blueyes purple and blue awesome umyou guys did awesome with your letterstoday you did so wellwriting words you’re getting so smarti’m so proud of all of you thank you somuch for listening to memyself right now oh i love it it lookslikeuh snowflakes from arendelle from annaand elsa’s castlei love it okaytomorrow we will do some moretomorrow we’re doing more morningoh charles that’s awesome looking andyou guys have a good rest of your dayi asked god what is that i add paintdon’t wash your hands diane oh i loveyours it looks great adelie

Igloo preschool painting | circle time crafts at home preschool with Ms Julie | Lets Paint Igloo!

hello it’s missjulie with miss julie’s virtualpreschool and craftsand i am here today to do a fun wintercraftwith you all right i will show you whatwe’re gonna makeand the supplies you need and hopefullyyou can make it along with meso when you go out in the snowand you make a snowman or snowballssometimes people like to build like snowhousessnow forts we are going to make anigloo craft you could try to make one ofthose when you’re out in the snowso we are going to need a few things andthen we will make the igloo craftso what you’re going to need isa piece of blue paper this is thebackgroundthen you’re going to need a piece oflight blue paper well i should probablyuse half of itso even if you have just a scrap of itwe’re going to use white paint todaywe’re going to do a painting projectand then you’re going to needa few of these we are not going to usepaint brushes we are going to useblocks duplo box to paint i’ve got along one like thisi’ve also got a short oneso we’re going to use different sizes tocreate our equally all rightthe first thing is we’re going to do thepainting on the light blue so i onlyhave half the paper see like thisand we are going toum start paintingon the light blue piece of paper soyou’re going to need to put youryou’re going to dip your lego or yourblock whatever you want to call thesetwo blowsinto the paint andwe are going toum make an igloo shapethat will be put on our blue paperso i’m going to show you i’m going tostart withum the little the smallblock okay so we’re gonna usethe bottom this part because it’s asquare shapewe’re gonna use that so i will show yousee i put paint on the bottomand i’m gonna make an iglooshapei’m gonna show you how i’m doing thisokayi’m gonna hold it up and see i puti stacked up the igloo the blocksand i just made a print so we’re makinglike a half circle shapedome is the word okay so you can keepdoing thatalong your blue paper see it doesn’ttake muchpaint at all friends and theni will fill it in with the largeum the large block see i have it twodifferent sizesso i will fill it in withthe large oneokay so in the insidei’m putting the large rectangle shapejust to give it more shapesnow you can build your igloowhen you’re outside playing in the snowor you can try todo it with iceall right i’m gonna hold up my paintinghere’s my igloo look how fun that lookslet me eat it using blocksall right i’m going to put that to theside for a minuteand then we are going toum it’s a little wet friends soyou’re going to need to glue it ontoyour blue paperso i’m going totake my glue stickand i’m going to put my glue stick alloveron my blue paperso i’m just going to put it down on mytable and put the glue upokay i put my glue on but i’m going tosave my glue because i have one morething i might addi have my scissors herethat i’m going to use to put my iglooonto my blue background paperall right so if your paper is still wetit’s okay i didn’t use that much paintso it won’t take that long to dry andi want to show you what it looks likeokayso you just kind of follow the line thatyou youthat you painted with the blacks andthen youumthere you gothere’s mine now i’m gonna glue put itonto my dark blue paper seein my dark little pig i’m gonna stick iton therecarefully with my handokay there we go there’s our igloothat’s excitingnow does anybody know who lives in anigloowhat type of animal or person would livein an iglooyes something with fur so if you want todrawa bear with a marker next twitter orprint that would be greatyou could also find a pictureon the computer and you can get a bearpitchera polar bear and so i found a polar bearthat i’m going to put on my paperhe’s going to be coming out of the gluethere he is there’s the bearhe’s going to look super cute on myigloo picture so i’m going to take myscissors again and i’m going to becarefuli’m going to cut him out and i’m goingto glue him on to my igloopictureokay now if you want to make any otherdetails onto your artwork that would begreat you can have snow falling from theskyyou want the sun to be shining you canhave sun to be shiningi i’m just gonna glue my bearon put some glue on the back of himand i’m gonna find a spot for a mom anda pictureokayall right i’m going to put my hairon my igloookay friends there he is he looks greatokay so the only other thing we need todo is you need to write your name onyour artworkespecially if you can be proud of yourwork you did and to practice writingyour nameso take a crown of markers make sure youstart with a capital letterand put your name on your artwork do itanywhere you wantand that way if you give it to somebodythey will know who made it for themall right and you should be proud of thework that you getthere we go there’s our igloo crafti hope you enjoyed it and i hope youenjoyed painting with blocks today withmeand tune in next time or check out myother videos belowbye friends see you next time for missjulie’s virtual preschool and craftsyouEnglish (auto-generated)

Preschool STEM Skills Letter N | January 11th zoom class | Circle craft time “nest” with Ms Julie

sookaythere’s two people in the waiting roomalright who’s thisadmit admithello good morning andreaokay there’s charlesand ayat’s connecting to the audio ohlook at thatgo straight up different stuff behindherstraight up oh wowcharles is already practicing like thisclosed captioning notgood available again i’ll try here okayyes you are in a different spot yet isee you are youthe color you’re talking about yes thatis the color paper we need todayyellowish yeahoh yeah you’re in a different spot todaydid you moveare you out in the in your play roomstill i did itwhat did you make are you doing letterscharles or numberswhat letter did you use letters whatletterdid you charles umi did that one okay awesome we’ll haveto see what it isumhold on oh yeah where are you at now areyou in the same roomyes where’s your truck what’s up mommyyeah yeah that’s good to play everybodyoutwe’re learning yeah umand we’re waiting on emma too if emmashows up todayoh look charles is eating something okaychew that up girl before weoh hold on a q you’re connecting thesound of youthand here you yeah good morning thoughgood morningyouth are you back at home today yesback to your homeyou’re not at your friend’s houseanymore ii have this onethat’s okay you have the stuff in yourfolder you can make it fromlast when you’re you’re gone last timewhen we did the mouseor you were with us for your package youwere umi used friends house okay everybody holdup what yoursupplies we need for our project todaywe need our laundrywhat’s that yellow paper or yellow goldpaperyeah i got ityep and our letter n and i didn’t get todo it and i got ananswer letter nall of you are prepared now you shouldhave a birda little bird you’re a birdi have a yellow one oh yellow red bluethyroidi gave all my birds out so i had to makemy own bird mine’s a light blue oneall right and then you guys have a piecelike thisyou have a piece like this but it’sbrowni am brown yeah you should all lookbrown i have no more from thatandrea there you go andrew you have ityou’re always going like this all rightand thenyou’re supposed to you’re gonna needyou’re making whatevertoo or not be small and you’re goodyours is gonna be bigger okaywell i have different pieces because igave all mine out to all my friendsyesumi don’t know how we open it so i’ll tryto reopen itwhat’s inside there you go you got itokaygood job does everyone have blue becauseyou’re gonna need to glue yourself downonto your yellow paper when you[Music]i’m my mom is getting it okay soundsgoodall right everybody put all your stuffto the sideokay you’re gonna chew on your ricekrispie treat there charles and thenyou’ll find your glue iti’ll get some glue oh okay everybody putyour stuff to the sidefirst we have to do our learnings nowwe’re gonna crownokay so i’ve got how many friends fourfriendsfour friends[Music]somebody just sent me a message who’ssend me a messageuh oh one two three fourhold on friends let me make sure it’snot someone trying to get into thewaiting room let me get myphone[Music]okay someone was trying to get intoclass let me send them[Music]one minute friends yep[Music]what i’m coming back there i am okayyou’re gonna do whatokay i’m ready to start everybodythey’re surprised by somethingokay everyone put your stuff to the sideyou have to stick like thisput yourself to the side let’s sendokay i yeah yeahput it next to you okay yesgood job you have it we’re gonna do itin a few minutes let’s make sure emma’scomingand then we’ll let’s um participatewe’re waiting for emma yeah emma’ssupposed to be here let’s make sure shehas the right linkwhere’s emmamama where’s my mine can i haveone more rice beef crispy those arethose[Music]there you areall right so let’s start withlet’s start with the use because hemissed oh here’s emmaall right here’s emma didn’t get himstart singing yet[Music][Music]there is a friend who’s here today ayathere’s our name-o ais here today excuse you start with a2just likeum emma gotand she got hurt i saw i saw i saw a bigband-aid directlyon her arm our last thing for you thereis a friend who’s here today a youthis his name-oa v y b-b-y-u-k-t-h-a-v-y-u k t h a v yu k t h i q this year todaythere is a friend who’s genuine emmais her name-o e-m-m-a-e-m-ewe’re glad emma’s here todayandrea there is a friend who’s heretoday and andreais her name-o andrewawe’re glad andrea’s here todaynow the last one there is a friend who’shere today and charles is his name-od-h-a-r-l-e-nwe’re glad charles is here todaygood job okay i i don’t knowhow do you keep[Music]guys yesterday was sunday on thecalendarand this was theshe’s talking to you what number is thisfrom yesterday guyswho knows this time very goodvery good next[Music]all right today’s 11 so we’re gonna letaccuse it because he missed and he’snew too so we’re gonna let you should wejump up and down should we tap our headwhat’s going oncap our heads okay that’s good you cando it with itone hand okay we’re gonna tap 11 times iwant to hear the numbersand don’t say numbers go slowgood job charles do you want to count to11 for us by yourselfcan you do it onetwo threefour five[Music]where’s she going where’s all yet goingi was gonna let ido it by herself i think she’s so boringall right oh yeah it’s your turn tocount thatyet finding my scissorswe don’t need them right now so it’sokay can you count for me to 11 becauseyou didn’t tap your head with uscan you count out loud with me[Music]you’re not gonna count with me thismorningno all right we’re gonna move on we’regonna move onwe are starting a new letter today weare starting letterand card n and what is the voicepointing to the nosevery good thank you ohi love it beautiful emma and look hefound something already it starts withand yournose charles that’s your shirt i seecharles’s belly is up to the screen icute umyeah please turn around i want to seeyour face this morningare you tired this morning yetokay look nails start with nwhat does nails very goodemma she’s already on top of it okay iwant to take everyoneeither point their finger put it up inthe airwe’re gonna make the capital or big non there’s a small or lower case it’sjust a littlelike a little hill like a little bubbleseelowercase end now i’m going to ask aquestiondon’t shout out raise your hand if youknow the answer when do you use the biglettern who knows when you use big n when youwrite big xhold on okay stand up all right excusewhy would you write a big non your paperdoes anybody have no friend namednancy or neilor noah hey we had a friend last classlast weekmy friend is bridgetteoh great so when you do a name likeemma’s name if it started withn we would do a big and capital letterand if it’s a word would do smalland pay attention to iteverybody’s got finger nails nailsstarts withsmall letter and finger nails all righthow aboutyou i have another body part your neckyour neck starts with nand everyone’s doing this with your endsee i’m moving my teethum there’s an animal has anyone everseen this guy beforeum i know it’s a show he’s got her handup let’s see what andrea has to sayyeah shark is a good guess but know thatno dolphin good gas but no maybe charlescharles do you know what this animal iskiller whale no it’s not a whale butgood guessoh yeah i know you’re marriedare you watching tv over there where’syour hand ohdamn i don’t have an eye oh okay isay that one more time come here i wantto see the kids don’t know what this oneisand yet show her the pitchyes this word and this picture is of agnar wallin our walls and it’s got an s oh wowi am not too familiar with them but theyare an animal that lives in the oceanand their name does start with lowercasen and r wallsokay i’m gonna scare normalsi want everyone to remember to raiseyour hand it will remind you so we canall taketurns maybe emma knows what is this oneemmai’m with um i know i knowhave you seen this guy before crawlingaround outsidethere’s chopstickshow about this guy yes a lizardhe’s friends with the lizard he’sfloatinghold on andrea newt iokay smart friends what would you wipeyour mouth withwhen you have spaghetti sauce on yourface what would you wipe your mouth withumnapkin right charles uhhere is one you probably don’t know buti’m going to let you know when it’ssmart to learn new wordsthis is called newspaper newspapersokay you could make an airplane out of anewspaperdispel stuff going on like if you haveuh a new school being builtwhatever the new president they’re gonnaput it in the newspaperand they print it out it’s on paper andyou can get it at the store the grocerystoreof the newspaper you can alsoon your tv or your computer it’s calledthe newspaperyou put the noobs in it actually and itstartswith the letter and you see applicationsaboutmy appointment for tomorrow so i justwanted to make sure you guys had iteverybody raise your hand if you can seethe lowercasethe one for tomorrowthe lowercase wordsi want everybody to take a crayon or amarkerdo you have a crayon marker by you ihave my blue marker we all havedifferent colorsit’s okay we’re gonna practicemy projectsto use a paper or a pencil whatever youhaveokay we’re working on writing ourlettersso big n and little nstraight line down c straight line downstraight line on an angle a straightline upand hi nancyand noah[Music]i believe your mom you can do itin a lower case then it’s like a littlebubble or a tunneln for nose and nest numbers oh charlesvery good andrea good joblet me see how yeah um i uh and as useddo you have your papercan you hold it up[Music]you hurt your left arm so that’s goodyou didn’t hurt your right armwhat do i do with this thing we’re justpracticing oh he was very good writingwow you’ve been practicing i’m notpracticingi’m just plastic i just didn’tgood job i’m gonna write a wordi’m gonna use my look what i have i’musing to erase my boardi’m using a glove and i got my winkergloves hereall right i’m gonna write a word thatstarts with the end um[Music]andrea can write her letters i know shecan umyeah do you have a questionoh yeah do you have a question can ianswer a question for youno are you writing letters with us[Music]you need a paper what’s behind youi see three little shelves over therebehind you what’s in those compartmentscharles are you writing your letters formeoh my goodness like you you’ve beenpracticingcharlie writing words what do you gotyou did it you did your letter ncharles i love it great work okaylet’s try another wordvery good andreano do you like broccoli yesthe word no i don’t like broccolii don’t know i’m not a fan i don’t likefollowing don’t know that’s a liei want to show youbaby oh you’re making something i’m noti’m a[Music][Music]lowercase n nare you still looking for a paperand i cannot see you emma can see meshe’s right there i can see herand her blue shirt with her cast andshe’s doing a good jobum oh yeah you could ride a blue easelbehind youwhy don’t you run on your blue easelbehind you i’d love to see your writingyet i’d love to see your writingi’m in e but i can’t make a mistakeit’s okay you’re practicing there’s nomistakeyeah what are you showing me now does ithave a letter n on itand i did it and this is mymistake oh i’ve got another word thatstarts with noh that’s okay you did awesome you didawesomenoodles who likes eating noodlesmy daughter loves noodles and lowercasenand o obyou like to eat noodles yeahwho likes sauce on their noodleswho likes them with butter[Music]oh yeah went to golf on paper good jobcharleswhy everything comes you have your handup what do you need charlesyou want to show me your paperno oh my goodness accused you’refighting you’ve been practicing a lot ican tellwhat a hard workerandrea i don’t see your face i knowyou’re working hard but i don’t see youthere you areare you writing my papers i work reallyhard on my paper seeoh okay yeah maybe you should do it onthe back i’mgoing to cut it no we’re like yeah iglue your bird on itoh and purple okay purple and your handi’m going to try it out first[Music]yeah you left again oh my goodness youguys are good at your writingi’m impressed[Music][Music]that’s[Music]one five[Music]can we do what more words more words ohyou’re so[Music]smartokay so i’m gonna hold this up rightoh my charles that looks yummy okaythis is the number one twothat is what two looks like good job goaheadif you want to write these you can ifyou don’t want to that’s fine toothis is a little number game[Music]okay and look i put two i’msupposed to be snowballs look and i puttwo onthe number two one twoand if you want to get fancy we cancount in spanishall right look at this on the cap on thegreen mission[Applause]andrea yesvery good and there are one you haveregular foodthree four four pretendsnowballs on my mittens four okaycharles this one’s for you now this timehere charles what’s this number on theorangefive very good this is the number fivethis is how old charles is he’s fiveyears old that’s the numberone[Music]what number is that umseven words the seventh wordi’m writing these words and twotwo and four okay ohthis is six very good ah yeah i heardyousix knives six snowballs one twothree four five sixseven okay good job guyswe can go on to our nest nowso everybody can see yellow papercharles already startedand emma’s gluing we’re gonna glue ourletterheadon our yellowish orange paperour gold colored paper i need orangepaper nowshe said one paper i don’t have orangepaperit’s okay emma it’s okay there’s thebirdsyeah you have to thank you oh yeah we’regonna glue our letter onto our paper ohyeah that’s got our glue guy yet charlesyou already did your gluing rightyes man okay charles do you know whati’m gonna do charles you’re gonna addthe burn oncan i just glue first did you put yourglue on yourhey i uh did you put your n on yourpaperi did you did it hold it up show me yourworkwe’re looking at this week or next weekokay take your brown piece and glue itonumoh okay i like that okay put yourglue on you can make your nest at thetop or the bottom wherever you wantoh and then you could put your bird inyour net birthdayokay andrea’s doing good yeah that’sfineandrea’s got assistant there so she’sgood i have to tune it all by herselfsee you don’t need any help today goodjob friendsmy nest is green because that’s it thankyou so muchit’s a youtuber the birdthat’s in his nest so i’m gonna put mynest my birthday looks pretty goodi’m gonna put blue on my bird if youwant to cut yours around you canemma i love it you’re being a hardworker todayandrea you don’t know about yourself youdon’t even need an assistantcharles did you write your name on yourpaper i know you were doing it while wewere talkingdid you put your name anywherewe always put our name on our artwork sopeople know how we’re gonna gookay there’s my phone castand i’m gonna take my markerso you can see right nowcan you look up what time that isjust so i can put superwrite your name for me i haven’t seenyou write your name yeti’ll write my name try to write yourname for meyou’re right you’re right you’re rightokay okay so let’s do um does she havefridayof the therapy hello i wrote my name atthe bottom with the capital letter formy first lettereverybody do a capital for their firstletter ac everyone’sdoing a great job and then what time wasthe appointmentyou have a k in your nameyou want me to write your name for mehere let me show you your name againhere look at the screen thank youthere’s your namea t y u kt h excuse usgood job everybody what’s your nameyour name is right here right hereblue you’re using blue okay yeah uh ohyeah why do you need scissorsare you cutting out the bird yes um[Music]yeah they don’t um do that till apriland forth use your arm muscles it’llsticki use glue stick too okay i stuck mineonsee i just dropped anything forth withmy armdid you write your letter is it on yourpaper for your nameoh i hear him spellingoh my um what’s it gotyou look like you’re doing a hard workyeah i didn’t i didn’t know what to doand what i’m sayingyou have to do so many hard works goodjobglue that on your paper you’re doing agreat job everybodydo you have a paper what were you gluingat my shoulder that you were doing youwere doing a good jobdid everyone write their name emma’s gota purple markeror is it blue it matches your couchokay everybody hold this up oh andreagood jobokay guys you’re done with your paperget to the side and we’re gonna end withthisoh charles i love it look at that nameof yours it’s greatcapital c h a r li’m done great job okaywe’re gonna end with a song great jobandreaall gonna sing the song together becausei love this thing with my friends whatdo we sing really quickwhat should we saybingo is the name of okay therewas a farm who had a dog and bingo washisname oh[Music]ohemma i saw your hard work that looksfabulous i love the project you wantme i guess colored onget outside today

Its Snowing! Circle story time and reading the snowing storybook with Ms Julie Preschool Kids!

helloit’s miss julie from mr spiritualpreschool and craftsand i’m here today to share one of myfavorite winter stories with youi hope you enjoy it all right the titleof this story is fallsit’s snowing look at the coverwhat is the boy doing in the snowwell maybe we’ll find out in the storysilent snow the trees have lost alltheir leavesthe ground is frozen hard what’s thatwinter’s first snow it falls without asoundyou see the snow do you see itoh kinds of snow little snowflakes twirlin the airthe ground is dusted with snow you canjust make out your footprints this kindof snow is a snowflurry snow flurrya snowstorm brings a lot of snow snowfalls most heavily when it’s colderbut not too cold but 15 degreesis the perfect temperature for a snowstormtonight the snow plows will clear theroads but today the snows are too snowyfor a school busit’s a snow daythat’s a lot of snowwhen it’s very cold the snow is powderythat’s goodfor skiing oh there’s that bullet fromthe coveron warmer days the snow is heavy and wetyou can pack it into a snowfortsnowflake shapes the next time it snowsgo out with a piece of dark paperand a magnifying glass and catchsnowflakes on the paperlook at them closely no two are exactlythe sameeach one is its own work of artlook at that the shape of the snowflakedepends onthe temperature of the air it forms insome havesix branches others have six flat sidesand some are even long and skinny like apencilmaking snowflakes snowflakesalways drift down from the clouds butnot all clouds make snowflakesclouds that make snow are called snowcloudsit is cold inside a snow cloud to makethe snow the clouds temperaturemust be 32 degrees that is a freezingpoint ofwaterhow do you know when it will snow hmmlook at that child is lookingand wondering when it’s going to snow soyou turn on the television of the radioand listen to the weather reportit’s hard to know when it will snow forsure but science is a pretty goodidea they study the clouds the airthe wind and the temperaturescientists use satellites to track snowthe satellites take pictures of theearth this should show which way theclouds are movingit is important to know when a snowstormis comingpeople need to get readysnowy places oh did you know it does notsnoweverywhere let’s find out the earth’scoldest places do not get much snowit’s too dry for example antarcticagets very little snow snow piles up onmountains near the lakesin the united states the snow belt getssome of the heaviest snowthis area stretches along the greatlakesand see the pilot on the bottom of theunited statesthis part where it’s very warmdoesn’t get snowearth needs snow snow keeps the groundwarmer than it would be without itin winter moles chipmunks and otheranimalsrests underneath the ground snow keepsthem warmsnow is like a blanket for the soil itkeeps plants safe so they can bloomagain in the springin spring the snow will melt melted snowwill fill streams and riversit will water seeds for plants and untilthen it’s time to play in the snowoh i hope you enjoyed it’s snowing andif you want to go check this one outyou can click the link below and get itfor your home collectionall right come back next time foranother story or craft from thisjulie’s virtual preschool and craftsEnglish (auto-generated)

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